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Time is no mans friend.

During my walk with the three big dogs this afternoon I started reflecting on my life and thinking back on my nearly 56 years as I walked. I began to realise that I was reaching a time in my life when many of the things I do will probably be the last time I do them as the results of my choices throughout my life start to take affect. I realised that that despite my love for Wolf breeds and Huskies, that these magnificent dogs walking beside me every day will undoubtedly be the last of their sort to bless my life. That my 11 year old ICE and my 10 Year old Azora would be the first and last puppies of their sort to ever grow old in my home.
As I walked around the field with all three on leads and being held by the only arm I have, I suddenly knew that destiny had put them in my care at just the right time because now as we all become aged, I could feel the tension in my shoulder as they pulled, the pain in my knees as we crossed over the uneven grass as they tugged to sniff all the messages left behind by others that did the same.
In the silence of my walk, I thought back to the life that I once had as a young man growing up living for the moment and I realised those days were nothing but distant memories, but despite the consequences I was feeling today, I would not change a thing.
As I walked today, I realised that nobody in this world could take away those memories from me, nobody alive could take away the pain or the hurt that had been inflicted on me by others that tormented me about being fat, or too big. Nobody can fix the bones that I broke while playing sport which I loved and to which I gave my all, those very bones that are now causing me discomfort when I walk, when I sleep or get up.
Each step during my walk took me down a different memory and each memory had a different out come, some where good and others bad but with each passing step I realised that much like my steps today, I would never be able to relive nor replicate those memories and the wrong decisions I made then were part of the consequences I am living today. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as the greatest reality of all became as clear as day to me, a revelation that I have known for a long time and which I am sure that many before and after me will have too, my tears came from knowing that no matter what I do and how much I share with others, I will be the only one to ever know the memories from my perspective. I might be able to tell my story but nobody will ever feel the emotion I have with each experience. The love I have shared with my animals, the people in my life nor the anxiety I have felt when my dreams were shattered by the greed of others who feel no remorse, no conscience in taking what others have shed sweat and tears for.
I guess what I am trying to say is that in my walk today, this 56 year old man, realised that my wealth lay in my memories, the pain I feel now is a reminder that I have lived and thrived on being active, taking calculated chances and the fact that I am still standing despite all my challenges is a testimony of my tenacity and my love for life and never giving up nor allowing others to take the only thing that is truly mine, my spirit and will to live.

Strange as it may seem, whilst walking the dogs today, I realised my mortality and I accepted it, knowing that I have no regrets about decisions I made but I could have dealt with circumstances differently. I realised today that despite everybody acknowledging the youth of today being the leaders of the future, they will have nothing to lead unless the leaders of today accept the pain of the past and teach forgiveness unconditionally. I realised today, that traditions of yesterday need to make way for the realities of today and that human beings are the only creatures on earth that are not evolving for survival but rather our greed is destroying any chance of a bright future past the next few generations and for that I am grateful. We talk of our youthful leaders whilst our current leaders are still reliving their youth and not giving hope for their future. TIME IS NO MANS FRIEND, IT IS TIME TO LIVE FOR THE MINUTE, FOR THE HOUR MAY NOT ARRIVE.

By Sean Snyman

A white South African male with life experiences that have shaped and moulded the person you see before you today. No strings no fuss, what you see is what you get.

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