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My Truth, Our Truth, 2020!

Many of my friends have followed my story on my blog and everything that I have written so far is about my lifes experiences and my journey through life. I know the book is far from finished but for now I want you to join me in my current day reality. I want to share with you what I have been talking about to the youth of George for the last few years and that has been, that your life is in your own hands and only you can decide whether or not your goals will be achieved.
So here is the background, after 42 years of smoking on the 26th September 2019, I made a conscious decision to stop smoking. Not by easing off, nor by using a patch or anything of the sort. I merely was going in for an operation and decided that when I woke up I would not touch another cigarette, today with the exorbitant prices of illlegal cigarettes, I can only say thank goodness for the operation.
Anyway, since then I have allowed myself to fall into the stereotype habits of allowing my weight to get away from me. I have been complaining about it for weeks, cursing every time I try on a shirt or trousers that sits too tight, embarrased by the change I have witnessed in the mirror and yet much like the stories on the series “My 600 pound life” I have done nothing about it because I have allowed myself to believe that I am still in control and that it is just a phase.
You may laugh and think it is funny and infact, despite being mocked and teased and called all those aweful names as a child I have also found myself commenting on people’s appearances under my breath but I might as well have been making the comments about myself because all the negativety I was voicing about others has been because of my own disatisfaction and disappointment in not controlling my own insecurities.
So today I have taken a long hard look at everything and all the events that have taken place around me and I made a decision. I came to the realization that I can not improve the shitty outlook of life in others, their inability to see the bark from the tree or to comprehend right from wrong, but I could make a difference in how people see me both from the outside and the inside in order to see my tanacity and determination.
For 9 months I have been saying I must watch my weight because I have seen the results of when people substitute cigarettes with food, over eating is just as bad as smoking. In all that time I did exactly that and watched my clothes get tighter and my joints get more and more painful.
As of now July 2020, I am saying that I will start making the change in me that I need and hopefully I can inspire you to do something similar. I am inviting you to share my journey by sharing yours, what ever it may be, fighting to lose weight, studying harder, fighting a condition an addiction or a dependency. I have realised along time ago that although many people support you and are willing you to make a change, you are the only one that can ultimately accept responsability for making that change. Are you ready to take the journey of self discovery with me? Leave a comment below and let us begin. Once a week I will write a post on what I have done and what I have changed and let us support each other and experience the change as we evolve together!

By Sean Snyman

A white South African male with life experiences that have shaped and moulded the person you see before you today. No strings no fuss, what you see is what you get.

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