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I am my own person.

Here is something to ponder on this Sunday Morning. As I get older the only regrets I find myself having are the regrets that I did not always make the most of every opportunity that I was presented and I regret not always being able to identify these opportunities but instead saw that as hurdles. I hated school until I left and realised how much better my life could have been if instead of messing around with my friends, if I simply put in an extra hour or two of studies. I regret not always believing in my own potential and allowing others to influence me negatively but here is what I have learnt as I have grown older. You are never too old to learn and to gain the knowledge that you need to obtain your goals. I have learnt that no matter who rules a country, nobody can steal your knowledge or your experience. I have learnt that in order to live your dream you need to believe it is a possability and that only you have the power to make it a reality.
If you had told me 12 years ago today, that in a year from then I would be married to the most amazing woman, and that in less than a year from then I would be destitute and in 5 years from then I would pick myself up, dust myself off and start a journey in which I would learn absolutely all new skills and I would do it by teaching myself and by learning these things that I believed where only possible for others and that those skills would help me to achieve success and to assist me in getting where I am today, I would have told you that you were out of your mind.
Yet here I am, a business person, with my own brand, I am also a city councillor with a portfolio which I love. In the first instance it has everything to do with my own goals and the second I believe became a reality because others saw my potential through my attitude and my belief in my own ability.
I want to say to all those scavengers that think by taking away another persons possessions you are improving your own lives, you are not, you may take my home, my money and even my possessions but you can not steal my ability to think for myself and my determination to stand up and use the knowledge that I have developed, the experience I have gathered and the dream I have built in my mind. A man that lives off the sweat from his own brow is a man that can walk tall in any world.

By Sean Snyman

A white South African male with life experiences that have shaped and moulded the person you see before you today. No strings no fuss, what you see is what you get.

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