Bent but not Broken

The stories of my life from as far back as I can remember.

Bent but not Broken

I am not really sure where to start with my blogs as I have so much to say and so many experiences. I am hoping this blog will give readers an incite into the thoughts and challenges of a “Differently Abled” South African who until a few months ago would have called himself a white male that has grown up in Africa and witnessed and experienced vast numbers of adverse conditions. Why I say until a few months ago is because this year I confirmed that I am in fact a descendent of an unmarried couple who fell in love across the racial divides and had a child out of wedlock. A couple that was divided by the fact that the father was a German soldier and the mother a slave to the colony. Johannes Christoffel Schneiders, the son of the couple changed his name to Snyman and hence the First Snyman of the world was a fully fledged South African. He later went on to be classified as the first “Free Black” and in 1872 the Snyman clan was born. Join me as I relive those moments and share my thoughts on how I dealt with these trials and challenges. I may be Bent but I am certainly not Broken yet.