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You get what you deserve not what you want.

Oh boy on the eve of my interview for the candidacy for the up coming election, today I was asked a question and it dawned on me why South Africa is where it is. A young gentleman asked me for a job, I replied and asked him what job is he looking for? He answered […]

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2020 the year of tests.

It starts with a tickle in your throat for a day or two then you develop a nasal drip and out of nowhere one morning you wake up and your throat feels as though you have swallowed razor blades. That burning sensation that follows every time you try to swallow the mucus that is building […]

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I am my own person.

Here is something to ponder on this Sunday Morning. As I get older the only regrets I find myself having are the regrets that I did not always make the most of every opportunity that I was presented and I regret not always being able to identify these opportunities but instead saw that as hurdles. […]

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Day 1, Taking ownership of my Now!

Sean Snyman:Day one! I have started by asking myself Why I have allowed myself to get to where I am physically but more importantly Why I want to make the changes. Until I understand these 2 questions, I know that I am never going to establish what I need to change and How I am […]

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Time is no mans friend.

During my walk with the three big dogs this afternoon I started reflecting on my life and thinking back on my nearly 56 years as I walked. I began to realise that I was reaching a time in my life when many of the things I do will probably be the last time I do […]

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Growing up is never easy.

I guess we all think our lives as children were difficult, unfare and sometimes misunderstood. I guess my life was no different and if I had to compare it with the lives of others it might even come across as privilaged but none the less the only way you would be able to know for […]

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Rhodesia was our hope for a better life.

Strangely enough I remember quite vividly my parents making a decision to leave family behind and to head for Rhodesia. My father was a banker who wanted to make a better life for us and as SA was deemed to be more advanced than Rhodesia, he had the idea of making prefabricated walls and revolutionising […]

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Monday Moments on the 4th day of Lock Down

I must appologise for the gap in between stories, I actually thought that due to the lock down I would get a lot more time to write however that is not the case. I find myself with less time than normal as I try to contemplate ideas to make things easier and more efficient for […]

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One persons positivity is anothers survival.

Having gone through so much in my mind, I was at a point of total disparity. My mind was foggy my body destroyed and even in my subconscious I knew that what was happening was definitely not good. The dreams and nightmares continued and strangely enough each of them was underpinned with the same basic […]

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Thursday thought for the day.

The best way to convert people to your religion, political party or even your way of thinking is not by promoting it with words but exposing your values and ideology with your actions. Words mean nothing without the activity and people may say what they think you want to hear. Words can be misleading, actions […]