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Day 1, Taking ownership of my Now!

Sean Snyman:Day one! I have started by asking myself Why I have allowed myself to get to where I am physically but more importantly Why I want to make the changes. Until I understand these 2 questions, I know that I am never going to establish what I need to change and How I am […]

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Be true to yourself.

The true measure of a man/woman’s worth is his/her ability to stand tall in the knowledge that he/she has never sacrificed their values, honour or integrity for the sake of popularity or acceptance. That he or she has stayed true to their beliefs of right and wrong regardless the pressure from his or her peers. […]

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Tenacity, the difference you make.

So today I decided to take the three big dogs out for some self inflicted social isolation and a time to think about life as I often do. I took them to the top of George to a place that looks like it was the old parade ground for the army, we parked and entered […]

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One persons positivity is anothers survival.

Having gone through so much in my mind, I was at a point of total disparity. My mind was foggy my body destroyed and even in my subconscious I knew that what was happening was definitely not good. The dreams and nightmares continued and strangely enough each of them was underpinned with the same basic […]

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Thursday thought for the day.

The best way to convert people to your religion, political party or even your way of thinking is not by promoting it with words but exposing your values and ideology with your actions. Words mean nothing without the activity and people may say what they think you want to hear. Words can be misleading, actions […]

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If only we knew the answers

I do not run away from the truth, I also will not romanticise the fact that the majority of our leaders are misleading their voters by making it sound as if housing is the answer to all our problems. I have said it in a number of workshops and my point is clear. Leaders propose […]