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My Truth, Our Truth, 2020!

Many of my friends have followed my story on my blog and everything that I have written so far is about my lifes experiences and my journey through life. I know the book is far from finished but for now I want you to join me in my current day reality. I want to […]

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Growing up is never easy.

I guess we all think our lives as children were difficult, unfare and sometimes misunderstood. I guess my life was no different and if I had to compare it with the lives of others it might even come across as privilaged but none the less the only way you would be able to know for […]

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Taking stock of my new reality.

Having woken up from what was certainly the worst, most horrifying experience of my life, I realised almost immediately that my life was going to be different but I needed to know about my dreams and how they linked my conscious experiences with my sub or unconscious fears. I was almost compelled to find out […]

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Thursday thought for the day.

The best way to convert people to your religion, political party or even your way of thinking is not by promoting it with words but exposing your values and ideology with your actions. Words mean nothing without the activity and people may say what they think you want to hear. Words can be misleading, actions […]

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My view on current politics

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my own opinions regarding our problems in South Africa. Please bare in mind these are my own opinions and thoughts on solutions and have no bearing to the party I represent in Council.South Africa and Africa in General are caught up in a political game in […]

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Thought for the day

Sometimes it takes a few seconds of silence to regain focus. Today somebody said to me that I should not look into the darkness of the night but rather see the beauty of the stars that shine. Without the bad times, one would never be able to see the good.Let us look for the stars […]

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Living with an Angel!

It has taken me a long time to decide that I was actually going to write my story, but thanks to recent events in my life and things that have triggered my current train of thought, I inadvertently thought that now is the best time to get the ball rolling. I have started sharing the […]