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Day 1, Taking ownership of my Now!

Sean Snyman:Day one! I have started by asking myself Why I have allowed myself to get to where I am physically but more importantly Why I want to make the changes. Until I understand these 2 questions, I know that I am never going to establish what I need to change and How I am […]

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Starting over AGAIN.

After winning the court case and finding out that “Jack” had deliberately put all his assets into his mistresses name and declared himself as being destitute, I made up my mind to¬† move on. Our hopes for starting out again had been shattered but there was no way I was going to allow a person […]

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If only we knew the answers

I do not run away from the truth, I also will not romanticise the fact that the majority of our leaders are misleading their voters by making it sound as if housing is the answer to all our problems. I have said it in a number of workshops and my point is clear. Leaders propose […]