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Day 1, Taking ownership of my Now!

Sean Snyman:
Day one! I have started by asking myself Why I have allowed myself to get to where I am physically but more importantly Why I want to make the changes. Until I understand these 2 questions, I know that I am never going to establish what I need to change and How I am going to create the change I want in me.

In life, we ask for help, advice and even support but so often we are not ready to accept the truth that others are offering. We want to hear what we want to hear and almost always we find someone or something to blame. If we are truthful in looking for the answer to WHY we are were we are, we would understand that although we are not completely in control of what the world throws at us, but we are 100% percent in control of what we do with what we get.
Day 1, I am taking responsability for my situation and accepting that I am in control of whether I continue on my current path or whether I am going to live for the change.

By Sean Snyman

A white South African male with life experiences that have shaped and moulded the person you see before you today. No strings no fuss, what you see is what you get.

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